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Running a booth?

Here’s how to assess your performance and boost your sales

IF YOU are running a booth at a festival or in a mall, or even a promotion outside a store, it’s important that you assess its success so you can decide how to change it in the future.

If you are successful, you will want to do it again in the same way. If your sales are poor or mediocre, you will want to improve them in the future. In most cases, of course, you will want to do better next time.

To achieve such improvement, it is important that you record all aspects of the event at the time it is held. More than likely neither you nor anyone else will remember everything about the event, except perhaps which Saturday or Sunday it was held. Trying to recall all the factors involved later is a waste of time.

Instead, record the figures at the time and you will be able to more effectively record the impact each aspect had on your sales. After running several stands, you will be able to adjust your strategies.

Here’s what you should record during the event:

  • What day or days of the week it was held
  • How much you paid for the booth location
  • Where the booth was located (close to the center of traffic, on the edges of the festival area?)
  • Sales by time of day (morning, afternoon, evening)
  • Weather conditions during the event (Did it rain, driving people away from an outdoor booth or sending them into a mall? Was it especially hot during part of the day?)
  • Other outside factors out of your control (traffic congestion or roadwork being conducted nearby, for example)
  • Direct or indirect competition from others (Did another outlet selling similar items set up shop nearby? Did other booths attract more people? Why?)
  • Your display items (Signs, pop-up stands, table-top displays, banner stands. How did they compare with others?
  • Did you advertise the event? If so, where (postcards, flyers, website and how much you paid)?
  • If relevant, when the advertising was issued
  • If coupons were issued, what was the response?

As soon as possible after the event, go through these figures and assess the effectiveness of the various factors. You will then be in a better position to judge how you should present your booth next time.

After several events, you will be able to weigh up several factors against others.

Of course, we all do this to some degree, but recording the figures at the time and immediately assessing them is far more effective than simply relying on your memory.


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