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How to make business cards work for you

EVEN IN THIS DAY of technology and the Internet, business cards are still an effective tool, particularly for those businesses that have regular interaction with the public.

It is important, however, that you design your cards so that they perform the purpose for which they are meant.

Here are tips to consider:

• Keep it simple. Your business card is a means of providing information; it should not be used as a sales tool.

• Make your card easy to read. Most people refer to your business card to find your telephone number or street address. It makes little sense to clutter it with additional information

• Stick to one type face or style. Add variety with bold fonts or creative spacing.

• Ensure your card reflects the right image.

It’s fine to use colors, but remember that when people look at your card they obtain a split-second image of what you and the company are all about.

It’s usually best to stay away from trendy designs and splashy colors that give the wrong impression of your company. If you work for a bank, for example, you do not want to give the same impression as a rock band. Play it safe and you won’t go wrong.

Here's a book to help you if you design your own business cards:Avoid having your photograph on your card or even printing a short resume on the back. You do not want to appear as if you are looking for a job; that would be a big turn-off.

If relevant, your card should be part of a corporate logo package and correspond with the company’s brand. Your company will provide the logo that can be sent to the printer.

If you run your own small business and don’t have a logo, select a sketch or photograph to illustrate your company. For example, an automotive company might feature a picture of cars on the card. Another might have an attractive design in keeping with the nature of your company. Your printer can provide these. But remember your information is more important than the logo or picture.


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