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Like minds can doom your business

ARE YOUR partners or the top staff who help you run your business just like you in their approach to work? Or are their instinctive talents different from yours?

Ideally they should be different. If not, your company is unlikely to succeed.

That is the approach of Kathy Kolbe, author of The Conative Connection. She identifies four personalities that are important in business:

  • Fact finder — a strategist who is best at budgets and agendas
  • Follow through — one who integrates the past, present and future
  • Quick start — one who is a visionary and looks to the future
  • Implementer — one who deals with the present and gets things done.

If the people who run the company are all similar, you are duplicating talents and the company is unlikely to perform well, Kolbe says. One must complement the other.



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