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Customer service words to avoid 'That's our policy'Never resort to telling a customer that the reason you did not provide a service was that it is "our policy."Customers had no hand in preparing your policy and do not care what it is. They want excellent service and nothing less.Come up with another explanation if you cannot provide what the customer wants. People will understand if you are reasonable. "That's our policy" sounds like a cop-out.'We've been really busy'Even if you have been busy, that is no excuse for not letting a customer have something on time.It amounts to telling a customer that you have placed a low priority on their order or request. It also indicates that you are disorganized; you have taken on too much work or you are slow.'I forgot'Perhaps you did, but think of another explanation that does not make it appear that you are incompetent.'We cannot do that'Try to avoid being negative. True, you might not be able to undertake the task that the customer has requested, but find another way of saying it.For example, you might tell the customer all the things that you can do, or say, "Such-and-such a company can help you with that."

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