Most small business owners are having trouble finding new workers

If you are planning to hire new workers this year but are having trouble finding suitable candidates you are not alone.
“One of the challenges were are facing due to the Great Resignation is that now we have more competition when it comes to hiring top talent, says Sherry Morgan, founder of Pesolino, a resource for pet owners who are aiming to take better care of their animals.
“This competition makes hiring more difficult since there will always be bigger companies who can pay bigger salaries and provide more benefits.”
A new survey by The Manifest, a Washington D.C.-based business resource platform, finds that more than half of all small businesses in the United States are planning to hire new employees this year, but eight out of 10 are having trouble finding them. The most common fields in which small business owners are looking for workers are:
  • Customer service (37%)
  • Sales (32%)
  • Marketing (27%)
  • Production (27%)
  • Information technology (26%)
The survey also found that two in every 10 small businesses are planning on hiring 20 or more new employees this year. They are using social media, in-house human resources staff, outsourced recruiting firms, and human resources software platforms to find and hire workers.
Most (63%) plan to hire full-time employees, but a third plan to fill positions for part-time workers. About 10% of small business owners are looking for unpaid interns and 5% want paid interns.

Showcase your small business

Morgan of Pesolino and other small business owners recommend that you showcase the value of working for a small business during the interview process. In that way you are more likely to attract top talent.
You can check out more about the report’s findings here.