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Empower your employees—and watch your profits grow

STUDIES HAVE SHOWN that workers who have more say in the running of a company work more productively. And, as they do, they improve the bottom line, making the company more profitable overall.
These workers have no interest in aspects of the company in which they have no experience or expertise. They have no interest in telling the CEO or president how to run the company. They do not want to be visionaries and are unconcerned about taking the company in a new direction.
They are concerned about doing their jobs as best they can, however. They would like to have a say  in those aspects of the company in which they have expertise.
Experts suggest, therefore, that senior management in a company, even in a small business of only a relatively few employees, step back and take a lesser role in directly running each aspect of the company.

Coordinators, not workers

Small business owners then become as much coordinators as leaders. They can devote more time to what they can do and their employees cannot do, such as taking part in community business activities, attending chamber of commerce meetings or small business breakfasts, for example. They can spend time getting to know other business leaders who can provide services or advice for them. 
In addition, they can become more like coaches in charge of smaller groups. They will have time to listen to the workers and gather information from everyone concerned about making good decisions in their fields of expertise.

Part of the running of the company

They should encourage workers not simply to do what they are told to do, but to think and act as though they owned that part of the company.
They should consider such aspects as:
  • How they can perform their jobs better?
  • How do their jobs affect other people in the company?
  • How do their jobs affect the company's financial performance?
At the same time, the workers who succeed in improving their work performance should be rewarded for being innovative and performing their jobs better. They can be offered financial incentives. Some employees also can be joint owners of the company with, say 5 percent ownership, depending, of course, on the number of employees your company has. As profits grow, so will their financial investment in the business grow.

Books on customer service selected specially for you

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In this book, Claire Cahill offers business and team leaders a unique process for raising the performance of their staff using a coaching-based method called the Ignite Programme.
By implementing a range of carefully selected coaching skills and tools, Claire shows how any leader can bring about fundamental change within an unengaged or dysfunctional team. Empowering Employee Engagement reveals the combination of theory, case study and methodology used during a 12-week experiment to take nine individuals from disempowered to engaged.
It shows the approaches, strategies, tools and methods used to bring about change for both the individual team members, the business as a whole and for Claire herself. As such, this book forms an open case study and management guide for any team leader or business manager wanting to bring about significant changes in team and business performance.

How to empower employees through delegation

Empowering Employees Through Delegation shows managers how to-along with what and when--to delegate effectively. This Briefcase Book will take the manager step-by-step through the process of delegating by communicating responsibility in a way that ensures all parties know exactly what is expected of them.