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Destination Dubai

Millionaires around the world are flocking to Dubai. The city will attract the highest number globally by the end of 2022.
Among the reasons:
• A high level of financial and personal privacy.
• Safety, peace and solid diplomatic relations.
• A wide variety of business opportunities.
• Zero income tax.
• A first-class healthcare system.
• Great leisure facilities.

Black Friday deals have started

Early Black Friday trends as predicted by BGR Deals:
• Deals start earlier—it's no longer only Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but weeks leading up to those shopping events.
• Foot traffic to stores is estimated to be up 65% over a regular November weekend day. • Smart TVs, deals and offers could exceed 60% off on some of the top brand's models. • Expect sensational deals and offers in the furniture, patio, and lawn categories as retailers have way too much inventory.

What online consumers want

The top features that consumers expect when shopping online, according to a survey by Perforce Software:
• Safe and secure checkouts—59%
 • Accurate stock and having cart items remain in stock—58%
 • Accurate coupon codes—48%
• Page and image load time—47%
• Consistency across devices, browsers and platforms—45%

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Customers place time above price

Customers today value speed of response and delivery above almost everything else, including price. Learn what Jay Baer (left) has found and check how your business is faring.

How Kellogg develops teams that work

A top Kellogg official reveals four top keys to helping workers enjoy their jobs and boost productivity at the same time.

Avoid these customer turn-offs

A SALE CAN quickly turn sour through attitudes shown by you or your retail staff. Ways to avoid them.


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breaking news

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Most small business owners are battling to find new workers

If you are planning to hire new workers this year but are having trouble finding suitable candidates you are not alone.

Inflation hitting small businesses hard

The rising cost of goods and services is a major concern among small business owners; where to find help.

Would you survive a ransomware attack?

Few small businesses would survive a ransomware attack, survey finds.

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Volunteers SCORE big for small business owners

SCORE, the Service Corps of Retired Executives provides free advice on how to launch and run your small business.

Merit increases reach a new high

A new survey shows employers are paying merit increases at 4% and above. But are they enough to retain and attract workers?

'Stop relying only on Facebook ads'

A change in an Apple operating system means that you should move away from relying only on Facebook, expert says.