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R-E-S-P-E-C-T works in business, too

TREAT EVERYONE with respect, within your company and outside its doors. That’s the advice of John Laughlin, who is president and CEO of information technology provider CTI.
A positive company culture should be clearly shown in interactions between those who work for the company as well as those who are outside the organization, Laughlin says.
“Part of our culture is to treat everyone with respect and to make every experience with us positive,” Laughlin continues.


Laughlin offers these examples of staying respectful and positive even when things go wrong:
• Should a manufacturer fail to ship something that clearly creates a problem for you. Some companies might become angry and tell the manufacturer off.
• Similarly, if a customers fails to pay a bill on time, some businesses will act like collections agencies and aggressively seek their money.
In all cases, a respectful approach works better, Laughlin says, particularly if you want to maintain long-term relationships.
State the problem, suggest a solution, and go from there, he says.
“I get a lot of feedback from manufacturers who say that being partners with us is just better,” he says. “It is an overall good relationship. Manufacturers say working with us is easier and vendors say that.”
The company promotes what it calls a “culture by design” in which company leaders are clear about what they expect and there is a concerted effort to achieve a healthy environment where shared values and trust are paramount.

Trust is vital

“Trust within an organization fosters commitment, dedication and the best performance,” Laughlin says. “When everyone contributes to the success and is a part of a shared vision they are fulfilled and united.” 
But a company’s culture goes beyond the front door, he adds. Relationships exist within a company and those who work there, but relationships also exist with others, such as customers and vendors.
Such trust, the company says, is reflected in its Heroes campaign in which it recognizes outstanding people in the audio-visual industry. Among those already honored are Tyler Rutherford, the assistant athletic director for digital media at Iowa State University and Mike Pedersen, Iowa state’s audiovisual experience manager.

Start with yourself

Laughlin offers one more piece of advice: If you want to improve your company culture, start with yourself. Improve personally and your company will follow, Laughlin says. Boost your message and ensure you are consistent. If you fail to be authentic, it is difficult to maintain your culture and grown, he adds.

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