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Are you failing your workers?

Most businesses are failing to meet their worker's needs.
That's the conclusion in a new report from 2023 Kelly Global Re:work Report.
Are you among them?
"Now more than ever, employers are struggling to keep up with the evolving needs of talent, and risk falling behind if they don't bridge the growing divide related to workplace expectations," said Tammy Browning, senior vice president of Kelly.
"As organizations enter a post-pandemic era, those that prioritize building a resilient workforce will be better equipped to adapt to the future of work and thrive in changing market conditions."
Almost a third of employees are leaving their employers as a result of poor work-life balance and a lack of advancement opportunities, according to the report.

What successful employers do

The report says that today's successful employers:

• Listen to employees' views;
• Provide a living wage
• Offer flexible and hybrid work arrangements
• Accelerate training programs to quickly upskill talent
• Offer career development programs that enable employees to gain experience in other areas of the business 
Those employers who follow those steps are more likely to report that employee satisfaction and wellbeing improved over the past year, according to the report.

Talent crisis

"The talent crisis has impacted our organization in a number of ways.
Five years ago, it was challenging to find highly skilled candidates but today the pool is even smaller. This situation has opened our eyes to how we can do things differently – we need to more flexible and creative in how we define roles and the experience we seek," says JJ Girt, HR leader, Evoqua Water Technologies.